Power Cable ‣ 2-Pin Lemo to DJI Transmission



This 2-Pin Lemo Straight to 6-Pin Lemo Right Angle cable is designed to feed power from various sources to these DJI Transmission products:

  • DJI Video Transmitter
  • DJI Video Receiver
  • DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
    (with Remote Monitor Expansion Plate)

Please keep in mind, all DJI Transmission products require a voltage range of 6-18V. It's worth noting: These products will NOT power directly from our TB50 Battery Adapters for MōVI Pro with 20-25.5V outputs, but WILL power from our Power Expansion Pack for MōVI Pro 🔥


We offer three set lengths. Select the length that best suits your kit!

  • Select 3-inch when sourcing power from Power Breakout, and the TX is mounted to this Carbon Side Plate. For KOMODO, KOMODO-X and V-RAPTOR users.
  • Select 10-inch when sourcing power from Power Breakout, and the TX is mounted to Accessory Mount on MōVI Pro.
  • Select 24-inch when sourcing power from our TB50 Expansion Pack for NODO Inertia Wheels, and the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor is mounted nearby.
  • Select 10-inch or 24-inch when sourcing power from a SmallHD Cine 13/18/24, OLED 22/27, Vision 17/24, and the DJI Video Receiver is mounted nearby.