Power Expansion Pack for MōVI Pro

Clamp Colour
Ignite Orange

Dispatches within 1 business day (Australia)

Streamline your gimbal power distribution!

Power Expansion Pack for MōVI Pro provides multiple inputs + outputs for any cinema camera and high draw accessories the Director or DP might throw at you!

The concept is simple:

Draw power from the 20-25.5V 2-Pin Lemo outputs featured on our popular TB50 Battery Adapters, and send that high voltage down into the gimbal cage to your preferred camera.

Two 15V Lemo ports provide power for your monitor and transmitter.

This means less cable snags, longer run times and faster Quick Mode Changes!

The housing and mounting clamp live neatly inside the MōVI Pro spine. Both parts are CNC machined from a single block of aluminium and hard anodised.

For installation, watch this five minute video ► 

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