Our Story

Ignite Digi was established in 2013 by Cinematographer Tom Waugh and Aeronautical Engineer/Gimbal Operator Chris Fox. Originally forming as an Aerial Cinematography duo, we built UAVs and modified gimbal and camera setups to enhance our footage and productivity onset. We have evolved from two co-founders and a small home workshop, into four full-time employees and an advanced manufacturing warehouse. 


Chris’s experience in engineering and camera movement compliments his role as Ignite Digi’s chief designer and machinist. All products are designed and manufactured from a gimbal and camera operators perspective, field tested and purpose built for professional use. 

Tom’s advanced technical knowledge in cinematography and problem solving has prepared him for his role as managing Ignite Digi’s sales and customer service. He has a passion for solving complex questions and ensuring customers have the right tools for the task at hand. 


All aspects of our operations are conducted in-house, from our Tasmanian based facilities and our products are being used on some of the biggest film and television productions around the world: Including Disney's Mulan, Deadpool 2, Marvel's Venom, A Star Is Born, HBO's True Detective and many other film, television and Netflix programs. Get Lit!