Accessory Mounts for MōVI Pro + M15


Accessory Mounts for MōVI Pro enable you to attach your transmitter, MDR, CineMilled counterweights, and our RCP Translator directly to the gimbal cage.

Doing so turns these accessories into useful counterweight!

Ideal for large lens and matte box setups, and also removes the need to attach them directly to the camera.

Keeping the overall gimbal package lighter and faster! 🎥🔥


  • Three ¼”-20 through holes
  • Four ⅜"-16 threaded through holes
  • Turns accessories into useful counterweight
  • Maintain full tilt range of MōVI
  • Clamps directly to the gimbal cage
  • Declutters your camera
  • Machined from high-grade aluminium billet