TB50 Expansion Pack for NODO Inertia Wheels

Ignite Orange

Premium power upgrade!

This TB50 Expansion Pack distributes reliable power from a single TB50 battery to NODO Inertia Wheels, your preferred monitor and transmitter.

Source 20-34V from a block battery to enable hot-swap and eliminate downtime. And yes, we include a robust, 8ft block battery cable 🔥

Simply mount, plug and play!

We've designed this package to live within the footprint of the controller base so it can travel built, inside the OEM foam case.

Inertia Wheels are compatible with MōVI Pro, MōVI XL, Ronin 2, and other gimbals.

You can also purchase this TB50 solution pre-installed on Inertia Wheels from the NODO Film Systems store!

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