TB50 Expansion Pack for Inertia Wheels

Ignite Orange

More torque in a compact form!

TB50 Expansion Pack distributes reliable power from a DJI TB50 battery to NODO Inertia Wheels and your accessories.

Compatible with 2-Axis and 3-Axis Inertia Wheels Brushless and Inertia Wheels MAX.

The TB50 provides higher voltage than a V-Lock/Gold Mount —  that means higher drag and mass settings before slipping! 🔥

Enable hot-swap for the wheels and accessories by feeding power into the 8-Pin Lemo input.

We've designed this package to live within the footprint of the controller base so it can travel built, inside the OEM foam case.

Buy from Ignite and receive free DHL International Express shipping ✈️ Also available from NODO Film Systems based in Downtown, Los Angeles.