TB50 Battery Adapters for MōVI Pro

Preorders are being taken for MoVI Pro TB50 adapters.
We are expecting PCB boards to arrive late March and we will have all of our other components prepared and ready for assembly with them as soon as they land.
6th April 2020 shipment of all preorders is our target.

If you order any in stock items alongside the MoVI Pro TB50 adapters, we will ship those out ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

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  • Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters are sold as a pair and allow you to power the MōVI Pro Gimbal with the longer-lasting DJI TB50 intelligent batteries.

    TB50's are an alternative battery solution for the Freefly MōVI Pro gimbal. Our TB50 adaptors are sold as a pair and provide over double the run time of the standard MōVI Pro batteries! 

    Our TB50 Lemo Version has additional power outputs for high draw accessories: such as the Tilta Nucleus-M, cForce motors, Preston MDRs, Rain Deflectors and Small HD 503/703 LCDs - avoiding the load issues that can occur via the MōVI Pro D-taps.

    - Designed, Manufactured and Made in Australia by Ignite Digi

Orange pair
Black pair
Blue pair
Green pair
Unregulated Lemo Output

Express Shipping worldwide April 6th: Pre-order highly recommended

Alternative battery option for the Freefly MōVI Pro

Allows unrestricted 360 roll mode

easy installation

🔥high performance, industry standard🔥