Tilt Cage Cable Assembly for MōVI Pro


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Say goodbye to this product, it's sold out and no longer being made! However, we'll keep this page up for your reference needs.


This cable is designed to provide high-voltage power inside the MōVI Pro Tilt Cage.

Ideal for powering accessories such as ARRI cforce motors, Preston MDR or a rain spinner!

This means you can avoid the underpowered D-Tap system of MōVI Pro and eliminate load issues.

Source unregulated 20-25.5V from the 2-Pin Lemo output featured on our TB50 Battery Adapters or TB51 Battery Adapters.


Tilt Cage Cable Assembly ONLY supplies high-voltage power and does NOT offer regulated 15V for your low-voltage camera, transmitter or monitor.

To cover all power requirements, we highly recommend our Power Expansion Pack for MōVI Pro — A premium power upgrade for the most demanding gimbal operators!