Power Cable ‣ 3-Pin Fischer Right Angle to 3-Pin Fischer Right Angle for Schulz Sprayoff Rain Deflector


This 3-Pin Fischer Right Angle to 3-Pin Fischer Right Angle cable allows you supply 20-28V from the Power Expansion Pack for MōVI XL, to the Schulz Sprayoff Rain Deflector range:

Current versions of Sprayoff Micro, Milli and Mini have an input voltage range of 11-35V. Outside of this, the electronics won't turn on. The higher voltage enables the glass to spin at full speed.

NOTE: Cable is only for power delivery. Will not function as a run/stop cable.

We believe 24-inch is the optimal cable length in order to avoid coiling and snags around the gimbal cage.

This fit for purpose cable is made with premium silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid. It’s flexible and resistant to abrasion, making it an excellent choice for use on set! 👌🏼🎥🔥

Assembled and tested in Tasmania, Australia.

3-Pin (male) Fischer Right Angle connector

24-inch / 60cm

00oz / 00g


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