Control Cable ‣ RS3 Pro to DJI Transmission


These cables feed power and control data between an RS2 / RS3 / RS3 Pro and the DJI Video Transmitter!

The USB-C to 6-Pin Lemo Straight cable is a DJI OEM product.

The USB-C to 6-Pin Lemo Right Angle cable is also a DJI OEM product, modified by Ignite 🔥 optimised for clean rigs!

When you purchase the DJI Transmission kit or the DJI Video Transmitter solo, the 9-inch Straight version is included in the box. DJI call it the "USB-C to LEMO Power Cable"

Currently DJI do not sell this cable as a spare part so if damaged on set, that's quite a pickle! So we're here to support new and existing customers with spares and refined gimbal options.

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