Camera Top Plate A ‣ ARRI ALEXA Mini + Mini LF + RED DSMC2 + RED RANGER

  • Our Camera Top Plate A for ARRI ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Mini LF, RED DSMC2 & RED RANGER is an essential tool in the Quick Mode Change Ecosystem: integrating natively between the camera, gimbal, Power Breakout, Dual Rod Mount and Top Handle.

    We've designed the Top Plate to be versatile; allowing you to adjust, lock and perfect the balancing point for small and large lenses on the MōVi Pro & Ronin 2 gimbal (w/R2 Adapter).

  • Lightweight, durable and reversible with multiple screw mounts for a rigid connection between your ALEXA Mini, RED DSMC2 and gimbal.

  • Designed, manufactured and tested in Hobart, Australia.

swap modes in under 1-minute

Streamline your on-set workflow

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lightweight, durable, and reversible