Tilt Cage Offsets for MōVI Pro

Ignite Orange

Every gram matters!

Maximise your payload and minimise your gimbals overall weight.

Tilt Cage Offsets help you balance large cameras, front heavy lenses and multiple FIZ motors. They offset the MōVI cage which turns your camera package into useful weight — reducing or eliminating the need for counterweights!

You gain 35mm of balancing space to fly your favourite glass, whether it's a Cooke Anamorphic or Angénieux zoom! 🎥🔥

Compatible with MōVI Pro, M15 and M10. Installation takes about 15 minutes. More helpful videos below ↓

Combine with our Accessory Mounts for MōVI Pro to fully optimise and improve the tilt capability and performance of your gimbal.

Want to further enhance your gimbal experience? Check out Sam Cam Systems Hard Mounted Axis Locks for MōVI Pro!

Tilt Cage Offsets are just 2.9oz / 83g for the pair — CNC machined from high-grade 6061-T651 aluminium.

Designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.