Control Cable ‣ MōVI Pro/XL to DSMC1 + DSMC2 + RANGER


This 8-Pin Molex Micro-Fit to 4-Pin 00B Lemo Straight is designed to feed control data from MōVI Pro or MōVI XL to these cameras:

  • RED DSMC1 — all models + modules
  • RED DSMC2 — all models + modules
  • RED RANGER — all models
  • Panavision DXL1 & DXL2

It allows you to remotely control functions like run/stop, ISO, frame rate, colour temperature, and focus/aperture on EF lenses, when using MōVI Controller or MIMIC.


MōVI Pro, MōVI XL, and the cameras listed above talk in RCP1 protocol (RED Command Protocol).

The latest gen RED DSMC3 cameras: KOMODO, KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR-XL talk in RCP2 protocol.

Unfortunately these older gimbals do not communicate with these new cameras.

If you need wireless camera control with DSMC3, you may be interested in our RCP Translator — regain control just like you had with DSMC2!