AC Power Adapter for MōVI Pro

Cable Length

Need all day continuous power to your MōVI Pro without the hassle of swapping batteries? Maybe for a jib or crane at a live event?

We designed and built the AC Power Adapter to deliver 24V to MōVI Pro to solve that problem.

The process of setting up the AC Power Adapter is simple:

  • First, install one MōVI Pro Battery or TB50 battery and turn on the gimbal.
  • Now you're ready to slide our AC dummy plate into the  adjacent battery tray until the connectors are fully engaged and the plate locks into place.
  • The AC Power Adapter’s LED will turn blue to inform you that the gimbal is receiving power.

The Power Adapter brick uses the most common appliance plug found in the wild: IEC-C13 60320 connector. You will need to supply your own cable specific to your country/region as we do not include this.

The cable from the power brick to the dummy plate is made with silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid, which is flexible and resistant to abrasion, and designed to endure the most challenging conditions on set.

Assembled in house by our team in Tasmania, Australia.

 ‣ International Standard IEC-C13 60320 (Jug Plug) connector

36” / 91cm
80" / 203cm

36” ‣ 37oz / 1050g
80" ‣ 40.2oz / 1142g

8.11 x 3.26 x 1.81”  / 206 x 83 x 46mm