COVID-19 Response

Ignite Digi is a small Tasmanian business specialising in the design
and manufacture of high quality CNC machined parts.

Our award winning products have been used on film and TV productions across the world, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has had a devastating effect, shutting down all production.

As such we now have the capacity to repurpose our machines and staff.

In addition to our CNC mills, we have a fibre laser and CNC router that allow us to produce high quality marked parts and finished assemblies with our small team of five.

We can also facilitate anodising and shipment of the product around Australia, or the world.

We are actively looking for work to continue to support our local community, employees and families.

If you need CNC machined products, large or small quantities, we are ready to assist you.


Chris Fox


Tom Waugh





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Automated horizontal milling machine with 10 pallet pool
Maximum workpiece size up to 500mm

Axis Travels:
X 560mm Y 560mm Z 625mm

B 0.001deg continuous motion

Spindle: 15000RPM Big Plus Spindle
Tooling Capacity: 146 Tools




OKUMA Genos M560V-e

Vertical milling machine, with automated tool changer
Maximum workpiece size of 1000mm in length 

Axis Travels:
X 1050mm Y 560mm Z 460mm

Spindle: 15000RPM Big Plus Spindle
Tooling Capacity: 32 Tools




L&K TC710

High Speed Drill and Tap machine, vertical machining centre

with continuous 4th axis

Axis Travels:
X 700mm Y 400mm Z 350mm

A 0.001° continuous motion

Spindle: 12000RPM BT30
Tooling Capacity: 21




Optimill F80TC

Toolroom Vertical Mill

Axis Travels:
X 400mm Y 250mm Z 400mm

Spindle: 9000RPM BT30
Tooling Capacity: 10



Fibre Laser Marking Machine for marking metals and anodised aluminium

CNC router
: 600x900mm bed for foam, carbon fibre plate

Soldering and assembly of electronic boards/components and cables

Content creation of the product and production process - video, photo, graphics

Worldwide shipping with DHL Express, Domestic with Auspost Express