TB50 Battery Adapters by Ignite Digi

TB50 Battery Adapters

Ignite Digi design, manufacture and assemble a range of premium TB50 Battery Adapters for the film and television industry. Since 2017, we've been innovating our range of TB50 Battery Adapters to optimise, streamline and speed up your on-set workflow.

Ignite Digi provides alternative power solutions for Freefly Mōvi Pro and Freefly Mōvi XL gimbalsDefy Cadence Cablecam, Kessler Killshock Recon Pro RC Buggy and a range of cameras and accessories on Ignite Digi's TB50 Hammerhead: Dual Smart Battery Adapter

Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters are designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia by Ignite Digi.