TB50 Battery Adapters

Since 2017, we've been innovating our range of TB50 Battery Adapters to optimise and streamline your workflow on set.

We provide battery adapter solutions for Freefly MōVI Pro, Freefly MōVI XLDEFY Cadence CablecamKessler Killshock Recon Pro RC Buggy and RED KOMODO™.

For those operating in handheld and tripod modes, our TB50 Hammerhead Dual Smart Battery Adapter offers hot-swappable power for a large range of cinema cameras and high draw accessories.

Why did we pick the DJI TB50 battery?

TB50’s are compatible with Ronin 2, Inspire 2, Master Wheels, MōVI Pro, MōVI XL, DEFY Cadence Cablecam, Kessler Killshock Recon Pro RC Buggy and RED KOMODO™.

Many of our customers already own large quantities of these batteries. They have a compact form factor, good build quality, built-in self heating system, battery level LED indicator, they’re air travel safe, can be purchased all over the world, plus there’s a large variety of charging and storage case options on the market.

All of our TB50 Battery Adapters are designed, manufactured and assembled in Tasmania, Australia.