Control Deck for DJI Transmission

Battery Plate

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Unparalleled precision.

Control Deck is a professional remote controller designed for the DJI Transmission ecosystem.

It offers both gimbal and FIZ control in a robust and comfortable layout.

Carefully thought out buttons, dials, ports and high quality APEM joystick means greater accuracy and consistency when controlling DJI Inspire 3, Ronin 4D, Ronin 2 and RS3/4 Pro!

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    As well as deadband and gimbal smoothness, we offer the operator a choice of joystick expo curves

    Linear — 1:1 input to output, if using this mode you will ride the master rate for more finesse of tilt/pan speed on the go.

    Squared — provides finer control of lower speed moves, while still being able to run a reasonably high pan/tilt speed.

    Cubic — suitable for when you want to run really high speed on tilt/pan, but still have fine control for slow movement.

    Swap out battery plates as needed!

    We've designed Control Deck in a way that allows you to easily change between TB50, TB51, bebob Vmicro (V-Mount) and Amicro (Gold Mount) as required.

    The purchase of a Core Kit or Complete Kit includes one plate of your choosing. Visit this page if you need an additional battery plate.

    The plates are pre terminated with a Molex connector. The bebob V-Mount and Gold Mount also include a spacer that allows you to plug in a D-Tap connector in both directions.

    A reminder, the D-Tap ports on the plates only draw from the mounted battery and not from the 6-Pin Lemo DC-IN.

    We recommend using the 2-Pin Lemo outputs on Control Deck for powering accessories but we know some people can't give up their beloved D-Taps!


    Single thread articulating arms be gone!

    We know the pain…. Difficult to level, monitor twists off, it droops mid shot while you’re hooning around a corner in the chase vehicle…

    This was the inspiration for us to make a mount. We also wanted you to be able to keep the Control Deck as prepared as possible in the Pelican case. Packed to powered and filming in under 60 seconds.

    The 4-inch Tilting NATO Rail allows you to adjust for viewing comfort, pack away with the Lemo cable connected, and the two bolts attaching the High-Bright Monitor cage ensure no twist!

    By keeping the monitor cage on, you can utilise the DJI Remote Monitor Hood.

    ¼”-20” and ⅜"-16” threaded holes with Pin-Locks on the NATO rail allow you to use SmallHD or other 7" monitors with a Cine Lock or LNK quick releases, in use cases where the the 1st AC wants the DJI High-Bright or you prefer your SmallHD monitor.

    Pro-Workflow Monitor Mount is included in the Complete Kit, and is available separately.


    Our goal was to optimise the Control Deck workflow for maximum speed and efficiency.

    The target: go from packed to ready to shoot in under 60 seconds. This case/foam combo enables just that!

    We worked with Precision Cases in Perth, Australia and sweated over the custom foam insert details. Drawing ideas from our experience as drone ops many years ago.

    The Pelican Storm iM2620 is a good balance of size, protection and weight, and is more in line with the Pelican Air range.

    The soft grip trolley handle and wheel system are ideal for operators on the move. We're also a big fan of the press and pull latches!

    This case and foam insert are included when you purchase the Complete Kit, or can be purchased separately here!


    We wanted a neat solution for illuminating Control Deck when working on dimly lit set environments in the field and studio.

    This is the result that consists of two parts, a USB-C Gooseneck 30cm in length, and a RovyVon Aurora A3 (Gen4) USB-C Flashlight.

    The ultra-compact flashlight features an aluminium case, impressive 5000K LEDs with 90+ CRI, max brightness of 650 lumens and four brightness settings - moonlight, low, medium, and high.

    The custom made USB-C Gooseneck keeps the flashlight battery charged and in a pinch could be used to charge a device like a Tentacle Sync.

    It plugs into the 30W USB-C Output at the left rear of the case. This deep recessed pocket supports the connector and prevents damage to the port.

    Both of these accessories are INCLUDED when you purchase the Core Kit and Complete Kit.