Ignite Orange

RED Approved for KOMODO and KOMODO-X 🦎

KEYSTONE Chopped provides a rock solid foundation for mounting all the accessories required for ambitious builds and demanding workflows! 🔥

✅  Mount the RED Touch 7.0" monitor
✅  Mount our RMI Spacer
✅  Mount RED KOMODO Link Adapter
✅  Mount Bright Tangerine NATO Top Rail with R/S
✅  Easily swap RED RF to PL eND cartridges
✅  Easily swap KipperTie Revolva cartridges
✅  Maintain airflow + touch screen accessibility
✅  Mount RF Supports to eliminate lens adapter wiggle
✅  Mount 60mm, 80mm, 105mm rod mounts
✅  Mount Carbon Side Plate for Teradek Bolt
✅  Mount Carbon Side Plate for DJI Transmission
✅  Mount Carbon Side Plate for Vaxis Storm
✅  Mount Power Breakout to power TX, FIZ, monitor, 
✅  Mount EXT Breakout for EXT, R/S, Timecode, Genlock

✅  Mount Camera Top Plate and slide in Quick Release Top Handle
✅  Mount Gimbal Mate and slide into MōVI Pro & Ronin 2
✅  Mount Booster Seat for large Studio + MōVI XL builds
✅  Mount your favourite rosette handgrip
✅  Route cables through KEYSTONE for the cleanest build!
✅  Shoot in portrait mode

✅  Ready for any tripod or gimbal quick release plate
✅  Mount ARRI accessories like MAP-2, CBP-1, SAB-1 & CCH-2

More info and photos coming soon!