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We offer the best in aerial cinematography expertise and equipment

The Ignite duo

Chris brings his engineering and technical innovation to Ignite Digi. He is our chief pilot, designer and engineer. Tom brings his creative eye to Ignite Digi. He is our in house cinematographer, MōVI controller and editor.

Aerial cinematography

Utilising UAVs with the MōVI gimbal, ARRI Alexa Mini or Red Epics and a professional pilot and camera team to operate it, we capture amazing aerials for your production with ease and efficiency. You will enjoy a full 1080p live feed from the Alexa Mini or Red Epic that ensures we capture exactly what you want, with remote focus and iris control systems allowing lenses from 8mm through to 85mm.

Aerial photo

Capturing aerial photos and panoramas from our UAVs with the Nikon D800 allows wall sized prints (36+ megapixel) and you can see a live image from the camera as we fly. We can provide both Red RAW video and Nikon RAW stills on the same day.

On-ground cinematography

The MōVI stabiliser can be used handheld, on our steadicam arm and vest (removing vertical movement), mounted to our cablecam or to our vehicle for super stable tracking shots that feel like you’re flying. Mix this with our live 1080p wireless video feed and remote iris and focus for limitless creativity.


Ignite Digi custom designs, builds and flies drones capable of carrying our Alexa Mini and Red Epic camera kits with the use of our Freefly MōVI stabilisers. Using drones to capture fresh and epic angles for your next production, we fly with full HD 1080p live video feed, remote focus and iris and 12–15 minute flight times for maximum efficiency on set. We are ready to fly within 10 minutes of arriving on set.

We are fully CASA licensed to fly and one of the few companies approved to fly at night and within 5m of people under our control.

We carry $20m Public Liability insurance, full equipment insurance and workers compensation insurance for your peace of mind.



Ignite Digi uses the latest MōVI M5 and M15 stabilisers on our drones and on the ground. We use them handheld, mounted to a vehicle, a custom vibration arm or cablecam. This flexibility allows us to capture the shot in the safest and most efficient way. We have full HD live video feed and remote iris and focus control.

Handheld MoVI Steadicam


ARRI Alexa Mini

Ignite Digi has just purchased the Alexa Mini. Little brother in size—but not features—to the Alexa XTs, now you can seamlessly match in drone aerials and on ground MōVI with more traditional tripod and handheld shots shot with the XT. Shoot in 4K up to 60fps, 2K and 1080p up to 200fps. We have both the PL and Canon EF mounts available.

Now flying with Ignite Digi

ARRI Alexa Mini

Red Epic

Ignite Digi has two 5K Red Epic cinema cameras. These have been our workhorses and continue to provide productions with cinema quality footage. We are able to provide one in a traditional on ground setup and the other on a MōVI to save time swapping over on set. We have the PL, Canon EF and Nikon F mounts available.

Handheld MoVI Camsticks