MōVI Tilt Cage Offsets - Pro/M10/M15 - IN STOCK

  • $415.00 AUD

Sold as a pair!  




Blue - 4 left!

Installation video: 

Colour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmEXA7XqRMc   (Thanks to Stephan Knight and Yusuf Akhtar)

Black and White: https://youtu.be/weAHOGAGQi0    (Thanks to Bongo Bongo boys!)


We know the problem, you are trying to balance a large camera/lens combination in your MōVI, but you need to get more weight rearward to balance, and you need to fit your iris motor on as well. The iris motor is fouling with the cage and camera is front heavy. You are starting to think you need counterweights ...... 

This cage offset bracket moves the entire tilt cage of the MōVI Pro or M10/15 by 35mm rearward, which give significantly more room for large camera and lens packages. This bracket effectively allows you to use the tilt cage as counterweight simply by moving the entire assembly rearward. 

This also now means that you can fit the iris motor onto the lens without it fouling on the cage.

The quick releases are raised which allows you to still access them, above the horizontal carbon tubes on the MōVi.

Machined from 6061-T651 aluminium and hard anodised for durability.



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