Gimbal mate bottom plate and R2 top adapter - IN STOCK

  • $790.00 AUD

Do you even gimbal mate?

Our latest bottom plate for Alexa Mini and Red DSMC2 expands our quick change system to the Ronin 2 gimbal!

The bottom plate has both MoVI Pro and Ronin 2 dovetail grooves on it.

The top adapter goes on the Ronin 2 cage and swaps it to MoVI Pro dovetail.

Shoot with the MoVI Pro for handheld gimbal, quick change to Ronin 2 for car mounted gimbal and then quick change to handheld/tripod mode for getting the close ups!

If you already have our bridge plate and top handle (or MoVI Pro package), then this is all you need to get quick change on your Ronin 2!
You can use your carbon side plate, rail mounts etc. as normal.

Be aware the Ronin 2 tilt cage is 10mm narrower than MoVI Pro so worth checking if your build will fit in! 



Gimbal Mate system from Ignite Digi on Vimeo.



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