Carbon Side Plate ‣ ALEXA Mini & RED DSMC2

  • Our Carbon Side Plates create a single, streamlined package for your ARRI ALEXA Mini/LF and RED DSMC2 (w/Jetpack). Each version of the Carbon Side Plate is designed to work with your Teradek Transmitter and additional accessories.

    Simply screw the Carbon Side Plate into both the Camera Top Plate for ALEXA Mini/RED DSMC2 and the Gimbal Mate Bottom Plate with the bolts and spaces provided.

    Your accessories can then be attached to the side of the camera, optimising your ALEXA Mini and RED DSMC2 (w/Jetpack) for Quick Mode Changes between gimbal, handheld and tripod and streamlining your power cables.


    Made from durable carbon fibre and super lightweight at 78 grams (0.17 lbs), our side mounting plate is available in three different versions, each with accessory specific mounting holes. The three versions of the Carbon Side Plate are sold separately.


(each version sold separately)

Carbon Side Plate