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Camera Top Plate: Alexa Mini, RED DSMC2, Alexa Mini LF

  • Ignite Digi Camera Top Plates are an essential tool in the Quick Mode Change Ecosystem: allowing you to transform your camera setup between gimbal, studio, handheld and tripod modes in under one minute.

    Integrating natively between the camera, gimbal, Power Breakout and Top Handle, our Camera Top Plate is the centre piece for our Quick Mode Changes.

    We've designed the Camera Top Plate to be versatile; allowing you to adjust, lock and perfect the balancing point. This feature enhances your ability to balance both small and large lenses the MōVi Pro & Ronin 2 gimbal.

    Lightweight, durable and reversible - the Camera Top Plate has multiple screw mounts. This design feature safeguards a rigid, secure connection between your Alexa Mini, Red DSMC2 camera and the gimbal.


    Quick Mode Change is Ignite Digi’s ecosystem of parts that quickly transitions the camera between gimbal, handheld, and tripod modes without using any tools.

    We’ve designed and purpose-built Quick Mode Change products to optimise and streamline your workflow on-set.

lightweight, durable, and reversible


multiple screw mounts for a rigid, secure connection