Top Plate: Alexa Mini & RED DSMC2 Camera Systems - IN STOCK

  • Our lightweight, durable, and reversible top plate gives you the flexibility to balance large or small lenses with Alexa Mini/Mini LF and RED DSMC2 cameras.

    With multiple screw mounts to the camera, you get a much more rigid mounting solution for using on the gimbal and with our Quick Release Top Handle.

    Compatible with the Freefly Systems MōVI Pro and the DJI Ronin 2 (with R2 top plate adapter) and ARRI Alexa Mini / Mini LF and RED DSMC2 family of cameras (not Raven).

    It is lighter than the combined weight of the ARRI MAP-1 and Freefly MōVI top plate and is more rigid, with no chance of twisting.

    On RED DSMC2 cameras, the plate uses two ¼” 20 bolts, giving a much more rigid camera connection than the standard the MōVI top plate which only goes in with one ¼” 20.

    Front and side mounting holes follow the ARRI MAP standard, allowing for mounting of RMB-3, BAP-2, MSB-1 & MSB-2 or for our carbon fibre side plates when used with the Alexa Mini / Mini LF or RED DSMC2 with Jetpack.

    Our Power Breakout mounts to either side of the plate, allowing for a low profile accessory powering solution on either camera.

primed for MōVI Pro & Ronin 2

lightweight, durable, and reversible