Quick Mode Change

Quick Mode Change is an ecosystem of accessories that allows operators to transition the camera package between gimbal, handheld and studio modes, without tools, in less than a minute!

The Quick Mode Change concept and most of our parts are applicable to ARRI ALEXA Mini featured in this video - as well as other cinema cameras such as RED DSMC2, DSMC3, Sony VENICE, Canon C300MKIII, C500MKII and more!

Co-founder Tom Waugh takes you through the range of Ignite Digi accessories that makes this all possible.



Our accessories are designed for pros who need the ultimate in speed and performance. We strive to make the gimbal an attractive choice for Directors and DP’s!

If you need advice on the best combination to suit your particular requirements, feel free to direct message Tom Waugh via the Ignite Digi Instagram, or drop him an email tom@ignitedigi.com.au