USB-C Gooseneck Flashlight for Control Deck

We wanted a neat solution for illuminating Control Deck when working on dimly lit set environments in the field and studio.

This is the result that consists of two parts, a USB-C Gooseneck 30cm in length, and a RovyVon Aurora A3 (Gen4) USB-C Flashlight.

The ultra-compact flashlight features an aluminium case, impressive 5000K LED with 90+ CRI, max brightness of 650 lumens and four brightness settings - moonlight, low, medium, and high.

The custom made USB-C Gooseneck keeps the flashlight battery charged and in a pinch could be used to charge a device like a Tentacle Sync.

It plugs into the 30W USB-C Output at the left rear of the case. This deep recessed pocket supports the connector and prevents damage to the port.