TB50 Battery Adapter for MōVI Controller

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Power your Freefly MōVI Controller, FRX Pro and monitor/receiver from a single DJI TB50 battery!

We designed this system for professionals who want to streamline their Controller rig. We know from experience these setups can become a spaghetti cable mess at times.

The TB50 Battery Adapter replaces the standard IDX V-Mount that ships with the MōVI Controller. Installation is simple - no internal wiring to worry about.

The Power Expansion Pack provides all the outputs you need for accessories: FRX Pro, SmallHD monitors or Teradek Bolt 4K RX Monitor Module.

For extended run times and to make the TB50 hot-swappable, hook up a block battery to the 8-Pin Lemo INPUT. You'll need one of these cables:

The Carbon Mounting Plate follows the standard Anton Bauer screw pattern. We include all the required mounting screws plus spares.

Details below of what's in the box 

WARNING: Do not connect the Power Expansion Pack to the MōVI Controller via the 12V DC Output as that port is OPPOSITE POLARITY ⚡💥




  • TB50 Battery Adapter
  • Power Expansion Pack
  • Carbon Mounting Plate
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
    Length: 20-inch / 50cm
    (MōVI Controller to FRX Pro)
  • 2-Pin Lemo Straight to 4-Pin Molex
    Length: 4-inch / 10cm
    (15V port to FRX Pro CAN port)
  • 3-Pin Lemo Straight to DC Jack Right Angle
    Length: 7.5-inch / 19cm
    (15/25V port to MōVI Controller)
  • Eight M3 x 16mm socket head cap screws
    (TB50 Battery Adapter to Controller)
  • Six M3 x 8mm countersunk screws
    (Power Expansion Pack to Carbon Mounting Plate)
  • Four M3 x 8mm countersunk screws
    (FRX Pro to Carbon Mounting Plate)
  • Eight M3 x 6mm socket head cap screws
    (Carbon Mounting Plate to Monitor)