Pro-Workflow Monitor Mount for Control Deck

Single thread articulating arms be gone!

We know the pain…. Difficult to level, monitor twists off, it droops mid shot while you’re hooning around a corner in the chase vehicle…

This was the inspiration for us to make a mount. We also wanted you to be able to keep the Control Deck as prepared as possible in the Pelican case. Packed to powered and filming in under 60 seconds.

The 4-inch Tilting NATO Rail allows you to adjust for viewing comfort, pack away with the Lemo cable connected, and the two bolts attaching the High-Bright Monitor cage ensure no twist!

By keeping the monitor cage on, you can utilise the DJI Remote Monitor Hood.

¼”-20” and ⅜"-16” threaded holes with Pin-Locks on the NATO rail allow you to use SmallHD or other 7" monitors with a Cine Lock or LNK quick releases, in use cases where the the 1st AC wants the DJI High-Bright or you prefer your SmallHD monitor.