RF Mount Adapter Support for KipperTie & RED KOMODO


This hard anodised aluminium RF Mount Adapter Support mounts to the bottom of the RED KOMODO™. The low profile design aligns with the KipperTie foot and eliminates unwanted wiggle and twist in the RF mount.

The RF Mount Adapter Support attaches to the KOMODO™ with two ¼”-20 counter sunk screws and we’ve included one ⅜"-16 grub screw for additional spacing if required. Most cameras won’t need this.

The Adapter Support can be used without the KEYSTONE for smaller camera builds. Existing tripod or gimbal plates mount directly to the Adapter Support using two ¼”-20 screws for a rigid connection.

Available in black only.

 ‣ KipperTie Adapta RF/PL
 ‣ KipperTie Revolva RF/PL
 ‣ KipperTie Adapta RF/EF
 ‣ KipperTie Revolva RF/EF

 ‣ Four ¼”-20 countersunk screws
 ‣ One ⅜"-16 grub screw

1.27oz / 36g including two ¼”-20 screws

3.46 x 0.98 x 0.31”  /  88 x 25 x 8mm