Control Cable ‣ Control Deck to DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor


These 6-Pin Lemo Right Angle to 6-Pin Lemo Right Angle cables feed power and control data between Control Deck and the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor.

The 8-inch variant is just the right length for when the High-Bright Monitor is mounted directly to Control Deck.

The 5ft length has a few use cases:

  • When Control Deck is at waist height and the DJI High-Bright is mounted to a stand at eye level
  • When flying with Inspire 3, the 1st AC may want to use the High-Bright Monitor with the DJI 3-Channel Hand Unit and Control Link, and the gimbal operator could feed vision from the High-Bright Monitor to an SDI monitor at the other end of the cart. This would also work for an in car setup.