Spacer Plate for ARRI BP-8 / BP-9 + BT Left Field


For those out there in studio mode!

We’ve made this rigid Spacer Plate for operators wanting to Quick Mode Change to a large zoom like the Angénieux Optimo 24-290.

This aluminium Spacer Plate lives between the Ronin 2 Tripod Adapter and the industry standard ARRI BP-8/BP-9, as well as the Bright Tangerine 15mm & 19mm Left Field Studio Bridge Plates.

The Ronin 2 Tripod Adapter provides a solid platform for the camera package and enables you to use our Gimbal Mate Universal Camera Bottom Plate which has a dual dovetail - one for Ronin 2 and the other for MōVI Pro.

Gimbal Mate is a core part for our Quick Mode Change ecosystem - a system that allows operators to transition the camera package between gimbal, handheld and tripod modes without tools, in less than a minute!

Last but not least.

This Spacer Plate brings the ARRI ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Mini LF, KEYSTONE for RED KOMODO™ and Canon C300MKIII & C500MKII (with Gimbal Mate Spacer), paired with our camera plates, up to the correct lens height.

If you're powering the camera package from our TB50 Hammerhead, you now have the option of a 15mm Studio Rod Mount or 19mm Studio Rod Mount.

We offer the Spacer Plate solo, as well as a package including the Ronin 2 Tripod Adapter R2-017.

ARRI & Bright Tangerine Quick Release Bridge Plates not included.

Available in hard anodised orange only.

 ‣ DJI Ronin 2 Universal Tripod Adapter R2-017
 ‣ ARRI BP-8 19mm Bridge Plate
 ‣ ARRI BP-9 15mm Bridge Plate
 ‣ Bright Tangerine 15mm & 19mm Left Field Studio QR Bridge Plates

 ‣ Three ⅜"-16 x 5/8” countersunk screws

4.3oz / 122g including two ⅜"-16 screws

3.93 x 3.35 x 0.30” / 100 x 85.2 x 7.8mm