Battery Plate for Control Deck


Swap out battery plates as needed!

We've designed Control Deck in a way that allows you to easily change between TB50, TB51, bebob Vmicro (V-Mount) and Amicro (Gold Mount) as required.

The purchase of a Core Kit or Complete Kit includes one plate of your choosing. This store page is for those who need a different battery plate.

The plates are pre terminated with a Molex connector. The bebob V-Mount and Gold Mount also include a spacer that allows you to plug in a D-Tap connector in both directions.

A reminder, the D-Tap ports on the plates only draw from the mounted battery and not from the 6-Pin Lemo DC-IN.

We recommend using the 2-Pin Lemo outputs on Control Deck for powering accessories but we know some people can't give up their beloved D-Taps!