Power Breakout

  • Dispatches within 1 business day (Australia)

    The Ignite Digi Power Breakout distributes additional power from our TB50 battery adapters (w/Lemo) and our Power Expansion Pack to your camera and gimbal accessories.

    Featuring four 2-Pin Lemo sockets (0B.302) with interchangeable output or input, the Power Breakout allows you to have three power outputs for camera and gimbal accessories and one input for your preferred battery source.

    The Power Breakout has been designed to screw neatly into our Camera Top Plates and is an essential component within our Quick Mode Change ecosystem.

    We use the Power Breakout to minimise changeover times on set. You only need to unplug and reconnect one camera power cable and one accessory power cable when transitioning between gimbal, handheld and tripod.

    Designed, manufactured & assembled in Tasmania, Australia.