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Ignite Digi Power Cable: (MōVi Pro) D-Tap to RED - Straight

A super flexible cable for powering your Red Digital Cinema Camera from a D-Tap/P-Tap power supply.

The 12" (30cm) length of this cable has been specifically tailored for use with theFreefly Systems MōVi Pro gimbal.

Works great with both the HDMI and SDI versions of the RED DSMC2 Jetpack expander. 

The cable is made by Ignite Digi with a flexible silicon coated wire, and protected by a Techflex nylon woven sheath, for optimised on-ground gimbal and drone operations.



Length: 12 inches - 30cm

Material: Flexible Techflex nylon

Type: D-Tap to 4-pin Lemo (Straight)

Made by Ignite Digi

power your Red Cinema camera from a D-Tap power supply