Gimbal Lens Support ‣ 80mm Spacing


  • Designed to be paired with our Gimbal Rod Mount, the Gimbal Lens Support (80mm) allows you to brace heavy primes, long lenses and matte-boxes on your MōVI Pro & Ronin 2.

    The Gimbal Lens Support is designed to brace a heavy primes or long zoom lens on your gimbal camera  package. We use the lens support onset to brace a large zoom lens like an Angenieux Type EZ-1 on our MōVI Pro or Ronin 2 gimbal.

  • The Gimbal Lens Support with an 80mm spacing, instead of the traditional 60mm. 20mm additional spacing is enough to stop motors and mounts from clashing with the gimbal cage.

  • We've designed our support system with this 80mm spacing to optimise your gimbals performance with three FIZ motors & large diameter lenses. 

    Designed and manufactured in Hobart, Tasmania.