Camera Top Plates


Ignite Digi Camera Top Plates are an essential tool in our Quick Mode Change Ecosystem of products: allowing you to transform your camera setup between gimbal, studio, handheld and tripod modes in under one minute and without any tools. 

Our Camera Top Plates are durable and lightweight, provide a rigid mounting solution for your camera, Ronin 2 (w/R2 Adapter) and MōVi Pro gimbal. Integrating natively between camera, gimbal, Power BreakoutTop Handle and Dual Rod Mount: each Top Plate has the ability to slide back and forth to adjust and lock the balance point. This enhances your ability to balance both large and small lenses the MōVi Pro & Ronin 2 gimbal.


Our Power Breakout screws into either end of the Camera Top Plate, distributing power across camera accessories and keeping your cable setup fully contained.

The Dual Rod Mount is designed to use FIZ motors and other accessories (Cinetape, Focus Bug etc.) from the top of the camera. The spacing of the rods is 105mm, so think about it more like two single rods, rather than a traditional dual rod mount setup. Our Dual Rod Mount Screws into the Camera Top Plate, adjacent the Power Breakout. 

We've designed our Quick Release Top Handle to slide directly into the MŌVI Pro dovetail built into our Camera Top Plates, locking in with its lever & requiring no tools.


  • ARRI: Alexa Mini, Alexa Mini LF.
  • Sony: Venice, FS7 II, FS5 II, FS7, FS5.
  • Panasonic: Varicam LT (Currently not compatible with Dual Rod Mount).
  • RED DSMC2: Monstro, Helium, Gemini, Dragon-X (not Raven).


  • Freefly MōVi Pro gimbal.
  • DJI Ronin 2 (w/ R2 Adapter).