Adapter ‣ Ronin 2 to Camera Top Plate


This compact adapter allows you to use our range of Camera Top Plates on the Ronin 2 gimbal.

It enables you to transition your camera package seamlessly from MōVI Pro to Ronin 2 without removing any camera plates and screws!

Installing is simple and toolless!

First, screw the adapter into the Ronin 2 crossbar with the securing knob. Next, slide your camera package into the adapters MōVI Pro dovetail. Lock it down by closing the lever. The lever is available in hard anodised orange, black and blue.

This setup also gives you the ability to adjust the tilt balance without affecting the roll balance.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Tasmania, Australia.

 ‣ DJI Ronin 2
 ‣ Camera Top Plate A
 ‣ Camera Top Plate B
 ‣ Camera Top Plate C
 ‣ Camera Top Plate D

2.68oz  /  76g

2.99 x 1.45 x 1.18” / 76 x 37 x 30mm