Power Cable ‣ 2-Pin Lemo Right Angle to 2-Pin Lemo Straight


These 2-Pin Lemo Right Angle to 2-Pin Lemo Straight cables are designed to power various accessories.

We offer three different lengths. Each cable is designed for a specific purpose in order to avoid coiling or any unwanted snags.

LENGTH: 5-inch / 12cm

LENGTH: 8-inch / 20cm

  • Power a Teradek Transmitter from the (soon to be released) with regulated 15V

LENGTH: 14-inch / 35cm


The Ignite Digi range of premium cables made with silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid, are flexible and resistant to abrasion, and designed to endure the most challenging conditions on set.

Assembled in house by our team in Tasmania, Australia.

 ‣ 0B 2-Pin (male) Lemo Right Angle compatible connector
 ‣ 0B 2-Pin (male) Lemo Straight compatible connector

5"  /  12cm
8"  /  20cm
14" / 35cm

5"  ‣ 0.95oz / 27g
8"  ‣ 1.02oz / 29g
14" ‣ 1.12oz / 32g