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Length Options

We offer a selection of 2-Pin to 2-Pin Lemo power cables. R
eady to power your accessories with the length that best suits your kit!

Our standard pin configuration: Pin-1 GND, Pin-2 +VE

Let us know if you require a custom pin configuration.
Contact Tom Waugh via direct message Ignite Digi Instagram, or drop him an email tom@ignitedigi.com.au

The Ignite Digi range of premium cables made with silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid, are flexible and resistant to abrasion, and designed to endure the most challenging conditions on set.

Assembled in house by our team in Tasmania, Australia.

 ‣ 0B 2-Pin (male) Lemo Straight compatible connector

8"  /  20cm
12”  /  30cm
18"  /  46cm
24"  /  61cm

8" ‣ g
12” ‣ g
18" ‣ g
24" ‣ g