Power Adapter Cable ‣ RED DSMC2 Socket to RED KOMODO Right Angle


This 6-Pin Lemo Socket to 2-Pin Lemo Right Angle cable allows you to power your RED KOMODO™ from a variety of power sources.

These sources could be an AC Power Adapter or a V-Lock battery belt clip. If you're a DSMC1 or 2 user, you may already have these in your kit.

Use case scenario:

RED KOMODO on a RS 2 gimbal. Source power from a V-Lock battery belt clip for extended run times. This places the bulky and heavy battery weight on the operators waist or shoulders rather than the gimbal. This is ideal for brushless motor performance and the operators arms!

We believe the ideal cable length is 14-inch to reduce the amount of cable coiling.

The Ignite Digi range of premium cables made with silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid, are flexible and resistant to abrasion, and designed to endure the most challenging conditions on set.

Assembled and tested in Tasmania, Australia.

6-Pin (male) 1B Lemo Socket Straight connector
2-Pin (female) 0B Lemo Right Angle connector

14-inch / 35cm

1.4oz / 40g