R/S Cable ‣ RS4 Pro + Focus Pro Grip to 3-Pin Fischer

3-Pin Fischer


This USB-C Right Angle to 3-Pin Fischer cable is designed to trigger the run/stop of:

  • ARRI ALEXA Mini (with EXT-RS Adapter)
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini LF (Right Angle is best!)
  • Kinefinity TERRA + MAVO
  • RED DSMC3 with an EXT Breakout from brands like Mutiny & Tilta that feature 3-Pin Fischer

....when using these gimbals and grips:

  • DJI RS2
  • DJI RS3 + RS3 Pro
  • DJI RS4 + RS4 Pro
  • DJI Focus Pro Grip

    Please note: Currently, there is bug where RS4 Pro does not recognise this Run/Stop cable. This happens when no other accessories are connected (motor or transmitter). To ‘wake up’ the RSS port, plug in a DJI USB-C cable into one of the front ports. This bug should be fixed in a future firmware update.


    Remote run/stop is also possible with controllers like Master Wheels, Force Pro and Futaba radio control over S-BUS. Expand ↓ for more info.