Power Cable ‣ Ronin 2 to V-RAPTOR-XL


This 10-Pin Lemo Straight to 4-Pin Lemo Right Angle cable is designed to feed power from Ronin 2 to RED V-RAPTOR-XL.

It can also be used to power all models of RED RANGER.

Source power from the POWER OUT Lemo located at the back of the Dual TB50 Battery Mount. This hot-swappable source delivers unregulated 20-25.5V to the camera.

It's worth noting...

  • RANGER requires 11.5V to 32V
  • V-RAPTOR-XL requires 19.5V to 34V

...this means RANGER can be powered from the Lemo port on the gimbal cage (find out more), V-RAPTOR-XL cannot.