Ignite Digi Power Cable: MōVI Pro D Tap - Power Breakout

MōVI Pro D Tap - Power Breakout

This cable feeds power between the MōVI Pro D-tap or your favourite battery plate (AB/V mount) and the Ignite Digi Power Breakout.

The Power Breakout distributes power to camera accessories. This creates Quick Mode Changes between the gimbal, handheld and tripod: with minimal plugging and unplugging between camera setups and optimised cable management. 


* Length: 12" (30cm)

* Material: Flexible Techflex nylon

* Type: D-Tap / P-Tap to LEMO 0B.302 Cable (2-pin)

* LEMO (0B.302): Pin 1 GND, Pin 2 +VE

* The cable can be wired to custom pin configuration on request

* Assembled in Australia by Ignite Digi

Quick Mode Change is Ignite Digi’s ecosystem of parts that quickly transitions the camera between gimbal, handheld, and tripod modes without using any tools. We’ve designed and purpose-built Quick Mode Change products to optimise and streamline your workflow on-set.