Carbon Side Plate for RED KOMODO


This ultra lightweight (0.53oz/15g), slimline carbon side plate enables a Teradek wireless transmitter to neatly mount to the non operator side of the KEYSTONE for RED KOMODO™.

We've designed the plate to allow maximum airflow into the camera body and have minimal impact on the KEYSTONE threads. The ARRI M6 rosette and ⅜"-16 pin lock remain accessible for optimal side handle configurations.

The carbon side plate mounts securely to the KEYSTONE with three M4 x 8mm countersunk screws.

We offer the Carbon Side Plate solo, as well as two packages.

PLATE + 5-inch / 12cm POWER CABLE

PLATE + 8-inch / 20cm POWER CABLE

  • Power a Teradek Bolt 4K LT from the (soon to be released). The Right Angle Lemo ensures the cable routes around the touch screen and buttons.

The Ignite Digi range of premium cables made with silicone wire and protected with Techflex braid, are flexible and resistant to abrasion, and designed to endure the most challenging conditions on set.

Assembled and tested in Tasmania, Australia.

 ‣ Teradek Bolt XT/LT (since 2018) 500/1000/3000
   Mounts with four M2 x 6mm socket head cap screws

 ‣ Teradek Bolt 4K LT
   Mounts with two ¼”-20 x ½" countersunk screws

 ‣ Four M4 x 8mm countersunk screws
 ‣ Eight M2 x 6mm socket head cap screws
 ‣ Three ¼”-20 x ½" countersunk screws

0.53oz  /  15g plate only
0.67oz  /  19with M4 & M2 screws
0.88oz  /  25with M4 & ¼”-20 screws

3.56 x 3.77 x 0.11” / 90.5 x 96 x 3mm