Adapter ‣ R2 Tripod Adapter / Studio Bridge Plate


For those out there in studio mode!

This super rigid adapter plate was made for operators who want to quickly transition from a MōVI Pro or Ronin 2, to a tripod with a large cinema zoom like an ARRI Signature or Angénieux Optimo.

The adapter is designed to live between the DJI Ronin 2 Universal Tripod Adapter (R2-017) and an industry standard studio bridge plate. For example:

  • ARRI BP-8 19mm  /  BP-9 15mm
  • ARRI SBP-1 19mm  /  SBP-1 15mm
  • Bright Tangerine Left Field 19mm  /  15mm

The R2 Tripod Adapter provides a solid platform for our award winning Gimbal Mate which features a unique dual dovetail - MōVI Pro on inside and Ronin 2 on the outside.

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