CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels

CANBUSTER mounts to DJI Transmission and allows you to control Ronin 4D, Inspire 3, Ronin 2 and RS4 Pro with NODO Inertia Wheels!

For Ronin 4D and Inspire 3, control more than just the gimbal — adjust focus, iris, zoom and run/stop 🔥

Get the cleanest build possible by sending both Inertia Wheels control data and wireless video over DJI Transmission. Fewer cables. Fewer boxes.

Take advantage of Transmission's ultra-long wireless range of up to 4 miles to come up with truly extreme shots!

CANBUSTER is a unique collab product developed by Ignite Digi, Signal Audio and NODO Film Systems.

CANBUSTER is available at Ignite Digi, NODO Film Systems and in the near future NODO resellers.

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