Camera Top Plate B ‣ ALEXA Mini + Mini LF + K-X + V-RAPTOR + FX6 + FX9 + BURANO + VENICE1&2 + C500MKII

Ignite Orange

Camera Top Plate B is a lightweight, super rigid, reversible camera plate that features a MōVI dovetail, and a range of through holes and threads.

Designed for ALEXA Mini, Mini LF, KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR, FX6, FX9, BURANO, VENICE 1&2, C300MKIII, C500MKII and all models of KEYSTONE. More compatible cameras listed below ↓

It also mounts to ALEXA 35 with these slimline adapters.

Top Plate B slides into MōVI Pro and Ronin 2 (with this adapter), and works alongside a range of accessories to optimise handheld and tripod modes.

This plate is essential to unlock our unique workflow called Quick Mode Change — an ecosystem of accessories that allows operators to transition the camera package between gimbal, handheld and tripod modes, without tools, in less than a minute!

Designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.

Scroll ↓ for compatibility, rigging and specs.