Camera Top Plate A ‣ DSMC2 + RANGER + ALEXA Mini + Mini LF

Ignite Orange

Camera Top Plate A is a lightweight, super rigid, reversible camera plate that features a MōVI dovetail, and a range of through holes and threads.

It's primarily intended for use with all models of RED DSMC2 and RED RANGER. But is also compatible with our KEYSTONES, ARRI ALEXA Mini and Mini LF.

It also mounts to ALEXA 35 with these slimline adapters!

Top Plate A slides into MōVI Pro and Ronin 2 (with this adapter), and works alongside a range of accessories to optimise handheld and tripod modes.

This plate is essential to unlock our unique workflow called Quick Mode Change — an ecosystem of accessories that allows operators to transition the camera package between gimbal, handheld and tripod modes, without tools, in less than a minute!

Designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.

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